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Social Entrepreneur in Residence- Melissa Carrier


     The Institute for Nonprofits is very excited to have our Social Entrepreneur in Residence Melissa Carrier here with us for the spring 2016 semester. Melissa has her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and her Masters of Business Administration from Warton, however her husband is an alumni of NC State. Melissa has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about her. She grew up as part of an Air Force family and moved around the country. She was involved with a lot of volunteer work throughout high school and founded a math and science program when she worked with Society for Women Engineers when she was in college. She has held leadership positions at several start-ups as well as the Investments Division of AT&T. She then worked at the University of Maryland where she held a role in Commercial Entrepreneurship.

     Melissa is currently the Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the Institute for Nonprofits. She has been advising the staff on how to create a campus wide social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. She also works with students and faculty on their particular ventures. Melissa hopes that her time at NC State will be a two-way learning experience, and she is looking forward to seeing how NC State can connect with resources and initiatives both on campus and outside of it. So far, Melissa has most enjoyed getting to know the staff and the students who have been passionately involved with social entrepreneurship and innovation. She has loved all the energy and new ideas and she has specifically enjoyed working with student start-up ventures. She has liked hearing all the great ideas that students have and their commitment to building social organizations.

    Melissa definitely believes that social entrepreneurship and innovation belongs at all universities, and especially NC State University. Social entrepreneurship and innovation is directly related to the university’s mission, especially as a land grant institution. Melissa stated that universities have come full circle back to their roots and now conduct their research with a purpose; that purpose often having a positive impact on the world around them.


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